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  • "... I generally begin with the end in mind and think about what I want students to know or be able to do,” Huff said. “Then I design the rest of the unit so my assessments and instruction will help me and my students reach that goal ..."

    Dana Huff

    English Teacher

  • "... There's a huge difference in a child learning something new, versus an adult learning for a new job. That sense of wonder and excitement and awe seems to be lost in adults ..."

    Heidi Befort

    Elementary Teacher

  • "... I can't imagine going one day without learning something new,” Maine said. “For some kids, that's an odd thing to say. They're not used to it ..."

    Louise Maine

    Biology Teacher

  • "... To see kids think things through, and try and think about something in a way they haven't before, or become a better writer ... From a fulfillment standpoint, a bad day of teaching is better than a good day of lobbying ..."

    Hans Hiemstra

    History Teacher

  • "... Get comfortable making mistakes and learning from them," Ackerly said. "Be comfortable with different points of views and diversity ..."

    Rick Ackerly

    High School Principal

  • "... When the class trusts you to guide them and they respond and you know they're working because of how you've established things – it all comes back down to the relationship with students and seeing them grow ..."

    Dave Sladkey

    High School Math Teacher

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