Alaska Teacher Certification Renewal


Learn how to renew a Professional Educator Certification or reinstate a Professional Educator Certification in Alaska


Teaching Certification Renewal

Initial Teaching Certificates may not be renewed after their three-year duration. During those three years, you must meet the qualifications to obtain a Professional or Master Certificate, as follows:
  • Professional Teacher Certificate requirements:
    • Possess an Initial Teacher Certificate
    • Possess two years of teaching experience
    • Complete all educational requirements for an Initial Teacher Certificate (including degree, teacher preparation program, Alaska Studies, Multicultural Studies)
    • Complete recency credits (six semester hours of credit within the past five years, with three hours at the graduate level)
    • Pass the Praxis I and II exams
    • Be currently employed in an Alaska public school district
    • Have a completed fingerprint/criminal background check on file
    • Submit a completed Professional Teacher Certification application form, proof of the above via supporting documents, and application fees to Department of Education & Early Development, Teacher Education and Certification, 801 West 10th Street, Suite 200, PO Box 110500, Juneau, AK 99811-0500
    • The Professional Teacher Certificate is valid for five years. Renewal requires:
      • Completed recency credits (as stated above)
      • Current employment in an Alaska public school district
      • Completed/updated fingerprint/criminal background check (usually done by the school district that employs you)
      • Completed Renewal Application and fees
      • Send all of the above documents to the Alaska EDD at the above address
  • Master Teacher Certificate requirements:
    • Hold a current Initial Certificate or Professional Certificate
    • Meet all of the requirements for a Professional Certificate
    • Hold current National Board Certification issued by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS)
      • This requires three years of experience, a bachelor’s degree, passing the National Board Assessment and paying application fees to NBPTS. For more information, call NBPTS at 1-800-22TEACH.
    • Submit completed Master Teacher Application, fees and supporting documents to EDD at the above address
    • The Master Teacher Certificate is valid for ten years. Renewal requires:
      • Renewed National Board Certification
      • Recency credits
      • Verification of employment in Alaska public school
      • Completed renewal application and fees
      • Send the above documents to the Alaska EDD at the above address

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Reinstatement of Certification

If you hold a Professional or Master Alaska Teacher Certificate that has been expired for over 12 months, you may apply for a Reemployment Certificate. It is valid for one year only and is not renewable.
  • Complete the Renewal or Reinstatement Application and mail to EDD at the above address with applicable fees, official transcripts, proof of employment in Alaska public school district (if applicable), completed fingerprint card (if not currently employed in Alaska public school district)
  • If your teacher certificate has been expired for more than 12 months, you must reapply for Initial Teacher Certification.
  • During the year that your Reemployment Certificate is in effect, you must complete all requirements necessary to obtain a Professional or Master Teacher Certificate

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