Virginia Teacher Certification Renewal


Learn how to renew a Professional Educator Certification or reinstate a Professional Educator Certification in Virginia


Teaching Certification Renewal

After five years, an initial teacher license expires, and a teacher must renew to continue teaching. The main requirement to renew a license is for teachers to show they've earned 180 professional development credits.

Professional development credits show a teacher has grown and developed in their career, keeping up with new teaching and instructional techniques. Professional development credits may be earned in a number of ways:

College Credit
Candidates may complete coursework to develop their subject knowledge at accredited two- or four-year colleges or universities. Candidates without master's degrees are required to complete at least three semester hours in their content area (earning 90 points toward renewal).

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Professional Conference
Candidates may attend or hold a professional seminar that lasts four or more hours that focuses on professional development.

Curriculum Development
Candidates may show they have contributed to the improvement in the curriculum at a school.

Publication of an Article
Candidates may write an article that contributes to advancing the education profession or knowledge of particular teaching areas. Articles must be published in recognized professional journals.

Publication of a Book
Candidates may write books that contribute to the teaching profession or knowledge in a particular subject area. Books should focus on planning and assessment, encouraging student progress, instruction, safety and learning, communication, and community relations. Books may not be self-published.

Candidates may show they've helped mentor student teachers or interns to improve their classroom performance. Mentoring includes demonstration, direct instruction, observation with feedback, and consultation.

Educational Project
Educational Projects are focused plans based on teaching and learning. Projects must conclude with a written report, and should focus on increasing knowledge in a subject area.

Professional Development Activity
Professional Development Activities should focus on increasing student learning and achievement, developing teaching strategies, and school-wide initiatives.

Candidates must develop renewal plans based on their goals, and meet with advisers to verify and review their renewal plans. When candidates are prepared to renew their licenses, they must complete a license renewal application found here.

Candidates should send their completed application packets in addition to $25 in processing fees to the Virginia Department of Education at:

Virginia Department of Education
Division of Teacher Education and Licensure
Post Office Box 2120
Richmond, VA 23218-2120


Reinstatement of Certification

Teachers whose licenses have already expired must complete the same renewal process described above.

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