Wyoming Administration/Principal Certification


While some states require separate licenses for different positions, the Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board (PTSB) provides endorsement areas that can be added to an educator's certification. Those who hold a Wyoming Educator License may apply to add endorsements in school administration.

The PTSB provides endorsement areas for district superintendents, school principals, and program directors.

To be eligible for an administrator's endorsement in Wyoming, candidates must already possess a Wyoming teaching license. Like a teaching license, an administration endorsement is valid for five years.

For more information on adding an endorsement to your teaching license, see the application packet found here.


Education Requirements

In Wyoming, administration candidates must complete an approved educational leadership program from a nationally or regionally accredited college or university.

Learn more about the graduate school process. Contact schools offering educational administration degree programs in Wyoming.

A candidate's approved educational leadership program must lead to an Institutional Recommendation in Educational leadership, Educational Administrator, or School Principal for candidates to be eligible for school administration.

Most educational leadership programs are graduate level courses, requiring students to hold at least bachelor's degrees before enrolling.



The PTSB does not require potential school administrators to pass any examinations. Currently, only social studies and elementary school teachers are required to pass PRAXIS examinations for certification.

However, some educational leadership programs may require their students to pass PRAXIS examinations to complete the program. More information on PRAXIS testing for educational leadership can be found here.


Experience Requirements

A candidate is not explicitly required to obtain a certain amount of experience before applying to add an administration endorsement, but a candidate's educational leadership program will likely require the completion of an internship in an administrative position.

document application requirements

Document and Application Requirements

The PTSB provides applicants a checklist of documents and requirements that must be completed to earn an administration endorsement.

For administrators, the items on this checklist include:

  • The Completed Checklist
  • Application Form
  • Individual Requirements Form
  • Fee Payment Form with Fee Attached
  • Official Transcripts
  • Institutional Recommendation
  • Verification of Work History (Out of State Applicants Only)

The Wyoming PTSB Add Endorsement Application Packet can be found here.

Applicants should turn in completed packets to:

Professional Teaching Standards Board
1920 Thomes Avenue, Suite 400,
Cheyenne, WY 82002


Criminal History Background Check

Because endorsements are added to a candidate's initial teaching certification, candidates have already undergone fingerprinting and background checking before applying.

However, during the application process, candidates are required to list any criminal conviction information, including driving under the influence (DUI) convictions. Candidates may have to undergo additional background investigations while applying to work in certain school districts.


Contact Information

For more information on becoming a school administrator in Wyoming, click here or contact the PTSB at (307) 777-7291.

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