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Why Become a Teacher?

The act of teaching is an investment toward the long-term health of our country. Unfortunately, much of our country has developed more shortsighted views toward investment. However, after the recession dust has settled, why we become teachers will inevitably become universally apparent once again.


Professional Profiles

The decision to become an educator should not be taken lightly. As with any professional career choice, gaining the required education and experience takes time, energy and money. Learning about the teaching profession from professionals is a great way to learn whether or not teaching is the right career for you.


The Future of Education: Where Teachers and Administrators Fit In...

The value of education is a difficult one to quantify. Unlike the stock market, we cannot simply throw money into our education system, watch it grow and pull out our profits down the road. The value of educating Americans simply does not present itself in such simple ways. In addition, studies aimed at comparing the investment of education to non-investment is complicated and is often viewed with skepticism. So, how do we express the value of education to the rest of our country? What is the most promising platform in which to market the idea of public education? Answer: keep it simple and express the obvious reasons, the reasons many of us became educators in the first place.

As teachers and administrators, you will need to do more than educate students. You will need to be advocates for your industry. You will need to help people understand that our national security, our protection from tyrannical corporations, our protection from oppressive governments, our standards of goods and services, and our overal quality of life for future generations hinges on our country's support for education.

An educated public is more engaged in civic activities, has lower crime rates, and are more physically healthy.