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As a teacher considering where to work, there are likely several factors influencing your decision. While pay is typically one of the most important aspects of choosing a career, employee benefits like retirement planning and health insurance can prove just as significant.

Teachers in Minnesota not only earn retirement benefits to assist them with future plans, but health insurance benefits to keep them more secure in the present. By offering its employees comprehensive benefits, Minnesota not only retains its current teaching force, but also attracts even more qualified educators to the state.

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Retiring in Minnesota

Minnesota public school teachers automatically enroll in the Teachers Retirement Association of Minnesota (TRA) upon employment. This coordinated benefit plan supplements a teacher’s Social Security and Medicare benefits, providing them with defined lifetime pension payments upon normal retirement.

Teachers in Minnesota reach normal retirement age when they become eligible for Social Security, though that age requirement is not to exceed 66.

To ensure the pension fund remains strong for future generations of educators, both teachers and employers contribute a percentage of salary to the TRA. As a teacher, you’ll contribute 7.5% of your salary, while your employing school district contributes an additional 7.5%.

These contributions don’t actually factor into the pension benefit you receive, which is instead calculated through a mixture of salary and service information. You can calculate your estimated benefits with the following formula:

Final Average Salary
multiplied by
multiplied by
Years of Service

So, for example, if you worked for 30 years with a final average salary of $54,000, you would receive monthly benefits of $2,565.

Explore the TRA if you’re interested in learning more about the retirement benefits you will receive as a Minnesota teacher.

Access to Affordable Health Insurance

While all teachers in Minnesota receive retirement benefits from a statewide system, health insurance benefits are distributed at a local level.

Depending on where you work, your level of coverage and exact costs will vary. While larger school districts might cover most of your premium, smaller, more rural school districts might require you to contribute more.

In Minnesota, you’ll be able to seek care from a variety of in-network and out-of-network providers. While precise details will differ depending on your employing school district’s health plan, most cover similar services, including:

  • Prescription Drugs
  • Ambulance Use
  • Behavioral Mental Health Care
  • Chiropractic Care
  • Emergency Room Care
  • Home Health Care
  • Hospital Inpatient/Outpatient

Some school districts also offer vision, dental, and life insurance to eligible employees. If you wish to learn more about what health benefits you earn as a teacher in Minnesota, contact local school districts in your area.

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